Why Born Again – Part 2

Why is going to church not enough?
I am a good person. Isn’t that enough?
I am a Christian…but I do the same things the world does. Isn’t that enough?

The answer is: No. That’s not enough.

Jesus said:

“I tell you the truth, no one can see the Kingdom of God UNLESS he is born again.” John 3:3

Imagine this scenario:

There was a man who had it all. Had limitless money, great family, perfect health and was literally on top of the world. Unfortunately the world was amidst war and many areas are unsafe to travel. Then one day as this man is sailing around the world, his ship gets hit by an enemy missile and capsizes. He knew the area he was sailing was off limits and dangerous but he tried anyway. He is washed ashore a small island. He is the only one who survives. Everything else is lost except some minor trinkets, a few clothes, and a computer. To make it worse, this island is behind enemy lines.

Now this man never used a computer in his entire life. He always had others do everything for him so he is clueless about how it works. Plus, he has zero way to communicate with the outside world so it’s basically useless. He is stranded, all alone, with nothing but his wits and breath. So this man lives on this island for years, finding ways to live off the land as best he can, alone and with no hope.

Then one day, this man stumbles upon a box on the island, evidently that washed ashore from his ship but that he never knew about or found before. Inside this box is an instruction manual for computers, explaining everything one could possibly know about computers. There is also a wireless modem and solar power unit in the box. So this man opens and reads this manual, studying all there is to know. He then connects this modem to his computer and powers it up. He now has access to a wealth of information and can communicate with anyone from the outside world. With this ability, he can have planes fly overhead and drop in food and supplies plus he has constant communication to his family and home until the war is over and he can be picked up to return home.

This little story parallels our lives here on Earth. God created us with everything we could ever need but it wasn’t enough for us. Instead we ventured behind enemy lines and we ended up losing everything. We are now stuck on this Earth, with no way to communicate to God the Father; left alone to our own strength and understanding and unable to save ourselves. But like this little box with stored up treasure, Jesus was washed ashore to this Earth with us, to provide for us all we need until that day we can return home to be with the Father and receive that restored life.

Being born again, is like getting access to the computer manual and modem. We are instilled with all the necessary knowledge we wouldn’t otherwise have plus, we can now communicate directly back to the Father through His Spirit dwelling within us. We have limitless life and access, just like that solar power unit provides constant power regardless of the weather or storms in our life.

One day, Jesus will return for us, to fully redeem us back to the Father and give us a glorified body but until that time, we sit behind enemy lines, empowered by our direct connection to God, being supplied with all we need until then. This is being born again. We now long to take this and give what we have to others. To show them they don’t have to be alone on the island of themselves and sin. They can be free and have the hope of that future redemption!

Are you born again? You can be. Simply profess you are a sinner and lost to yourself. Believe that Jesus is the Son of God, died on the cross for your sin, and ascended back to Heaven to provide you with life. And then confess Him as Lord and savior of your life. That’s it. It’s that simple.

Are you born again?

Link to: Why Born Again – Part 1

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