A Raise But No Promotion…or Were We?

Do you understand that as believers we have legal right and authority over the devil? However, as long as believers are ignorant of this fact, the devil and his minions will continue to take advantage and oppress God’s people unhindered.

Let’s think of it this way. Say you’ve been working for a certain company for 20+ years and you have some bosses over you who you just never seem to get along with. Oh you’ve tried to be nice and work hard but they just have it out for you. One doesn’t like the way you dress. Another doesn’t like your background. And another just doesn’t like you and looks to stick it to you every chance they get.

Now in the meantime, you have just been working hard, 60+ hours a week and weekends, just trying to get ahead and please one of these three but it has never happened. You’ve been uber nice and gone out of your way multiple times, over and over, to please them and make them happy but, it just seems that no matter what you do, these bosses don’t like you and want to make your life a living nightmare – and they are doing just that!

However, all your hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed. The CEO’s son has taken to you and recognized all your hard work. You put in for a raise/promotion previously but it never seemed to go anywhere. This time though, it has! You receive a letter bright and early Monday morning that you have received a substantial raise. This is great news. One problem though. There was a 2nd letter that somehow was misplaced and never made it to you. This 2nd letter contained additional news that would have changed everything if you had received it along with the pay increase letter, some 6 months ago when you first heard about the raise. This 2nd letter stated that not only had you received an increase in pay but you had also been promoted to manager over all operations and sales, putting you above those 3 irritating bosses that have harassed you at every turn. For the past 6 months you have been mistreated, slandered and bullied and all the while, you were technically now over them! Yet…you didn’t know it. The authority was yours but you never exerted it because you just didn’t know.


Now if this scenario presented itself to us in real life in our jobs, we would be amiss that somehow we missed the news of the promotion. We would probably be angry that the letter was lost and even more upset that no one even told us of this new authority. We would be chomping at the bit to enact this new authority we had been given and walk out our new position! No longer would we be subject to those who had given us grief at every turn; who made us stay late every night, forcing us to work weekends and give up precious family time, only to never receive any accolades or even a mere ‘thank-you.’ Our entire world had changed and now that we knew, we could enjoy the benefits we had desired so badly, and be free of our oppressors.

Unfortunately, this is exactly how it is in the spiritual realm for so many people who call themselves ‘Christians’. Churches as a whole have denied us that 2nd letter. They have omitted the teaching regarding who we really are in Christ and the promotion that came with our surrender to Jesus Christ. Oh they told us about the raise but meanwhile, we are still harassed at every turn, downtrodden with sickness, beat up daily, mocked and resented, not knowing that through our relationship with God through the new covenant in Christ, we have been promoted over the enemy of our souls! We have been given a new authority, to rule and reign. This came down straight from the Son. Not just the son of the CEO but the very Son of God, who has triumphed over the devil and his ungodly horde of demons who look to destroy us at any cost.

Jesus has given us this authority. We are to be doing what He did on this Earth.

“I tell you that if anyone believes in me, he will do what I’ve been doing. In fact, he will do even greater works than I because I am returning to the Father.” John 14:12

We have authority over the devil. We have authority over sin. We have authority over sickness. We have authority over infirmity of the body. We have authority over the enemy’s oppression in our lives. Oh we will still be persecuted – still hated – but those who opposed us can no longer do anything about it. They have been stripped of their authority!

We are victors in Christ. Realize today who you are. Realize all that the Son of God gave up, to purchase us back to Father, to secure our redemption, to make us sons and daughters of the most high. He now calls us brothers in the Father. We should be driving out devils, operating in spiritual gifts and laying our hands on the sick, because they will recover! Take up your mantle today and never look back!

“I have given you authority to trample on serpents and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy, so that nothing will be any means harm you.” Luke 10:19


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