The Power of the Son

Most everyone has watched the Superman movies from the 1970’s and 1980’s or even the newer Superman movies which have just come out in the past few years. We can all recount how Superman grew very weak when exposed to Kryptonite. It was the one thing which could cripple him. What some of us who watched those movies don’t remember though, was that Superman actually drew his power-his supernatural strength and superhuman powers-from the sun. It was the yellow sun which enhanced his natural abilities, as opposed to the red sun of his home world. As long as Superman had consistent exposure to the Earth’s sun, he was invincible.


Christians aren’t so very different. When Jesus left this Earth and ascended back into Heaven, He promised to send us the Holy Spirit. It’s the Holy Spirit dwelling inside every believer that empowers us to live for God on a daily basis. We still have this human body we function in though and this human body is diametrically opposed to the spirit of God within us. In fact, if left to itself, our human bodies will take over and depress the Spirit of God to a point of almost non-existence within us, IF…we don’t supply a continual charge to that inner presence of God. We have to feed it. We have to supply charge to it every day or, just like Superman, we grow weak and lose our supernatural ability to overcome the things in this world.

Just as Superman gained his strength from the Sun, so we also gain our strength from the Son!

One of the vital ways we ‘plug in’ to God is through the Bible-reading it. Not just once a year or some verses at Christmas but rather, reading it every single day. That’s right. Everyday.

A Cell phone being recharged via a charger that is plugged into an ivory colored outlet that is mounted in a neutral colored wall.

I will tell you, years ago back when I first got saved (in 1994), I was at a New Year’s Eve party for the youth group. We were going around the group with each person stating their New Year’s resolutions. One of the youth leaders at that time stated hers: It was to read the Bible every day. I remember (just like it was yesterday) thinking to myself, “Are you serious? How can you read the Bible every day?” That seemed like a monstrous task and beyond what I could ever do. Now I had only known the Lord a short time and was a young Christian but when I heard that resolution, it always stuck with me.

Point being, we have to stay plugged into the source. If you have a cell phone I can guarantee you plug it in at least once every day to get charged back up. I can also all but guarantee you eat at least some type of meal each day, if not 3-4 meals or more a day. Now if your cell phone has to plug in daily to recharge and you have to feed your body multiple times a day to refuel, how much more does your spirit man need to be recharged and refueled daily? Jesus said in Mathew 4:4:

‘Man cannot live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the out of God.’


We MUST stay connected to God’s Word. I don’t care how you feel; if you’re tired, if you’re angry, if your depressed or half dead for that matter…get into the Word of God! It is your life source. I strive daily, if not multiple times a day, to get into the Word of God. It’s the way your spirit grows stronger and your flesh diminishes, giving way for God to radiate through you and impact the world around you. The Bible is living and active as we read it. It probes our thoughts, our inner desires, convicts us of wrong thinking and leads us into God’s truth for our lives. Everything we need can be found between the covers of the Holy Bible. It’s God’s voice to us. He is speaking, and the way we typically hear is through what He has already said…

…in the Word of God.



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