Can the Law Save Anyone?

The Law of the Lord is perfect in converting the soul. (Psalms 19:7) The Law of God shows us our sinfulness. We know from 1 Timothy that ‘the law was not made for the righteous but for the lawbreaker and the rebel…” Galatians 3 tells us the law was ‘put in charge of us’ acting as a schoolmaster to lead us to Christ. Romans 3 states ‘whatever the law says, it says to those under the law so that every mouth may be shut and the entire world held accountable before God. Therefore no one will be justified by the law but rather by it we become conscious of our sin.’ Romans 7 tell us ‘Indeed I would not understood what my sin really was except by hearing the words of the law.’

The law in itself converts no one. Was never meant to. Galatians 3 again states ‘if a law could have been given to impart righteousness, then Christ died for nothing’. It simply leaves us helpless and exceedingly sinful (Rom 7:13) so that we will turn to the savior and never to ourselves for salvation, realizing that we in ourselves can do nothing remotely close to obtaining a salvation, due to our sinful state. In trying to keep the law it only becomes further evident that we are exceedingly sinful and completely unable to do so. This is the very purpose of the law.

The Law is good at bringing people to an utter state of hopelessness. It exposes the wickedness of one’s heart truly revealing the sickness of a person- a sickness which is incurable by man’s power alone. Only by realizing one is sick can one reach for a cure. That cure is Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ alone. Only by faith in Him are we saved. Thus the law is simply a means to an end, never the end in itself.

Good deeds and humanistic efforts to enter Heaven will always fail. We need a spotlessness and a righteousness by which is simply impossible for any man or woman to ever obtain. Jesus though was both spotless and righteous. He attained what we can never obtain. Believe on Him today-by faith. Receive His spotlessness and perfect righteousness as your own. Not that of keeping the law but on that of One who DID fully keep the law.

Jesus died for you. For me. The law died for no one, it only kills those who try to keep it. Believe on Jesus Christ today and find salvation from your sin. Find life in Him. Find the life He died to give you. He is waiting…on you.


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