Found wanting…

It amazes me how today so many are made to feel comfortable in their sin and even when offered the opportunity to repent of their sins and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ for their salvation, they are comforted and coddled. When speaking to someone about the state of their soul and presenting them with the Gospel message, why are so many so readily willing to snatch a quick salvation prayer from the person simply to notch a checkmark on their belt as someone who just got saved. How dare we actually make that person take a stand for Christ. How dare we speak the truth to them-a truth which confronts and is offensive to the unsaved. How dare we speak with boldness and challenge them in their sin-in such a way to bring contrition and sorrow to that person. How dare we actually make them stand up and be counted in front of others, or come forward in an altar call to confess Christ. The Bible states that Godly sorrow brings repentance (2 Cor 7:10). True repentance is often accompanied by tears, pain, regret, sorrow and even wailing. True repentance exposes the sin in the heart and life of the one who is unsaved. Is it messy? Yep. Does it cause pain? Yep again. James says we are to ‘grieve, mourn and wail’ as we humble ourselves before the Lord. But Godly sorrow also brings joy following! One must be cleansed and emptied of all the bad in order to be restored and filled with all the good.

One must also be willing to confess in front of others. Too many today are given every opportunity to make the process of being born again, as easy and effortless and as comforting as possible. Jesus stated in Matthew 10:32:

“Whoever acknowledges me before men, I will also acknowledge him before My Father who is in Heaven. Whoever disowns me before me, I will also disown them before My Father who is in Heaven.”

I say ‘stand up and be accounted for’. Don’t be ashamed to acknowledge your commitment to Christ before others! How on Earth have we gotten so shallow and demeaning to the cross, as to let people sink behind the wall of comfort and ease and not call them to proclaim boldly their decision to follow after Christ!


So many ask today, why the church is waning. Why the church is powerless. Why the church makes little difference today and many are leaving in droves. I say because it’s been watered down to the comforts and desires to match that of the world around it-the match the desires of those without Christ, so as to somehow entice them to follow after Christ without it ever costing anything. Jesus said we are to count to cost when following Him. We need not be ashamed of the Gospel nor ashamed to be sure others are truly repentant and responsive when making a decision to follow Jesus. It’s the biggest decision they will ever make. A decision for a lifetime. God forbid that day in Heaven comes when their name is called and they be found wanting-found to have never truly been born again…all because we as Christ’s ambassadors failed in delivering the message.

 For I am not the least bit embarrassed about the gospel. I won’t shy away from it, because it is God’s power to save every person who believes..” Romans 1:16 (The Voice)


2 thoughts on “Found wanting…

  1. Someone asked (regarding this blog): ‘Are we not called to be an example to others? In order to do that, we have to be able to relate to them and interact appropriately. Jesus commanded us to feed, clothe, help, and pray for others. There is nothing weird about any of those things.”
    I don’t know…ARE we called to be an example to others? If so, an example of what? We are called to love one another-to love the our fellow brethren in Christ-for by this all will know we are His disciples. We are to be an example of Christ here on this Earth. However that plays itself out-whether acceptable to others or not-that is what we are called to do. Jesus said we are a ‘light on a hill’ or a ‘lamp in the center of a house’ that we are to let our light shine before men that they may see our deeds and glorify God on the day He returns. Our light should reflect that which is recorded in the Word and that of the character of God. That doesn’t necessarily mean something that is socially acceptable. Neither Jesus nor the Apostles ever called us to be something that is socially acceptable so we wouldn’t appear weird or out of place in society. In fact, when you read the New Testament it appears we will be just that. No…not weird or out of place just for the sake of being weird or showy-of course not, but the Bible states many times over that we are ‘strangers in this world, looking and longing for a country of our own’. Ever seen a stranger (tourist) from another country in your own city? Many times they dress differently, talk differently, act differently and have different social customs. They stand out. If that’s the case in the natural, how much more in the spiritual. We are here to offer the light of the Gospel, that which is foolishness to the world and weakness to the proud. As believers, we should be communing with the very God of the universe, and God’s kingdom functions in a polar opposite manner from that of this world. If we are doing the things we should be and living a life of holiness and consecration to the Lord, speaking and acting as those led by the Holy Spirit…we most definitely will seem strange to the rest of the world. Just because we are different doesn’t mean we can’t try and relate to people where they are, and minister love to the hurting, the hungry and the lost. In fact, most of the world doesn’t do those things so that in itself can appear strange. You ever try to tell a non-Christian that you go an minister to those in prison, or spend time helping out and loving on the homeless? They look at you like your are nuts or something. Even Christ wasn’t accepted by His own, by those who knew Him. They were offended. Let’s not offend for offense sake but we as we stay united to God most High, washed in the blood of His Son Jesus, we will most definitely look different to the rest of the world.


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