…Just one?

Was searching through my spam mail today for a lost email and noticed an email message in there which said ‘Are you lonely? Date a married woman tonight!’. What??? Are you kidding me?? I suppose I’m just naïve because I didn’t know that type of garbage existed. The fact that there is a website advertising married woman to date…what has happened to this country? What has happened to the word ‘morals’ and ‘ethics’? …much less the words ‘God-fearing’ or ‘God-honoring’…? Anyone ever heard of ‘fidelity’? Absolutely deplorable. I remember a day when adultery was actually a crime-when being married actually meant being committed to one person. One person! I don’t care what this culture says or finds fun, or easy, or whatever this is. Marriage is between a man and a woman! Not a man and man; not a woman and woman; it doesn’t mean you get married and then hook up with other people because its ‘exciting’ or ‘fun’; it doesn’t mean you flirt with the opposite sex at work or wherever because ‘flirting is harmless’ (yeah please! Flirting is never harmless…if it doesn’t lead to an actual relationship it will destroy the one you’re in); it doesn’t mean you get married and then still live the single life while your spouse stays home to watch the kids, do the chores and maintain the home; it doesn’t mean multiple partners…it doesn’t mean any of these things!!! Marriage is a God-honoring commitment between a man and a woman. The Bible states ‘A man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife, and the two are united into one’ (Eph 5:31). It takes work, commitment, love and trust! …but it’s so worth it!

“Lord have mercy on us for our sins. Change us! Awaken us from our slumber and revive us again! May your Spirit sweep through this land and turn the hearts of your children back to you!”

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