Are you tuned in?

Ever feel like you don’t know what God is saying to you? Ever feel a disconnect spiritually and you’re not sure why? Does it seem as if God has just ‘tuned you out’ so to speak-that He no longer wants to bless you or speak to you anymore? What’s wrong with this picture? What has happened? The Apostle Paul touches on something similar in His 1st letter to the Corinthian church.

11 We have spoken freely to you people in Corinth. We have opened our hearts to you. 12 Our feelings of love for you have not stopped. It is you who have stopped your feelings of love for us. (1 Cor 6:11-12 ERV)

In the same way Paul’s feelings of love had not stopped towards the Corinthians, God’s love and voice toward us never stops as well. Just as the Corinthians stopped their feelings of love toward Paul, we as believers turn off our receptors towards God and stop hearing from Him all the time. Yet, we blame it on God. We blame God for not hearing us. We blame God for not healing us. We blame God for not answering our prayers or blessing us when at the same time, we have changed stations without even knowing it. In the same way a radio signal is always broadcasting and transmitting, so God’s voice and Holy Spirit are always transmitting towards us. But when we get our eyes and affections off the Lord and onto other things, guess what? We don’t hear Him anymore. We stop receiving the broadcast!

Back when I was a lot younger (what seems like eternity), people used a set of rabbit ear antennas on top of the television set to capture a broadcasted tv signal. I know many today can’t imagine the atrocity of this visual image because today everything is either cable television or satellite TV.Well, this antenna couldn’t just be set up anywhere or anyhow. It had to be in just the right position to receive the broadcast you wanted to watch. If it wasn’t adjusted just right..well, you wouldn’t get a picture. Or if it was close but not quite perfect the picture would be fuzzy. You could hear some things and maybe even make out some of the visuals but you couldn’t get a clear picture of what was really on the TV. You almost had to use your imagination to fill in the gaps.

The same thing is true for the Christian walk. If we as believers are not tuned in just right we won’t receive from God. We won’t receive blessings and we won’t be able to hear from Him with regards to direction in our lives. Even when we are halfway tuned in, the picture we get back appears fuzzy and we get confused!

We have to fill in the gaps with our own understanding (imagination) in order to try and understand what the Lord is doing or saying in our lives.

In order to rectify this, we must tune out the things and distractions of this world and tune in to God. We must love on Him and live for Him. We must be consistent with reading and studying the Word to hear from Him. When we do these things our ‘picture’ will clear up and we will start seeing and hearing with clarity!!

God is always transmitting. Are you tuned in?

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