The Almighty Dollar and Jesus

Had a friend post something on Facebook about Jesus was a Marxist.Then of course their were comments following about how much Jesus hated wealthy and the rich. Well if Jesus absolutely hated ‘wealth’, that is completely contrary to Him (God) blessing the Israelite nation all through the Old Testament. God specifically told them that if they would abide by His commandments, they would enjoy prosperity in abundance and be an example to the nations around them. Now God never changes and Jesus came to fulfill the Old Testament, which pointed forward to the coming savior. Jesus didn’t hate wealth, He hated what it could do to a man because it could become an idol in one’s life. Funny how he never told Zacchaeus the tax collector to sell everything he had. Why? Because Zacchaeus received the revelation of who Jesus was and in his humility, chose to right his wrongs and follow Christ. If no one has any money, you can’t bless the poor can you? You can fund missions or local works here to reach the lost. You can’t even fund the local church or put enough bread on your table to feed your family in many cases. Marxism tries to take a political/economic system and create uniformity amongst people. Christ and the New Testament never promoted uniformity but rather promoted unity of the believers. There is huge difference. Uniformity robs people of their God-given creativity and drive to excel, while Marxism demotes, distributes and dumbs down all those innate abilities that God wants to use in people. Many will then point to the book of Acts 4:32 where it says all the believers were one in heart and mind and everyone shared everything and then it goes on to say many of the believers were selling their property to give to the apostles so they could equally distribute to everyone. What you don’t read but is documented in church history is that this scenario, while commendable because of the zeal of the early believers, actually contributed to some extreme poverty of the early church and a serious situation which left many homeless and looking to leave Jerusalem. It took many years to straighten this out. The Bible says we are to share with those in need, to keep our eyes on Jesus and free from the ‘love’ of money. The freedom promoted in this country from its inception and over the years has produced the greatest Christian nation and mission work the world has ever seen. Yes money can corrupt but so can anything in excess, anything which causes us to remove our eyes from Jesus and put it back on ourselves. If we would just fix our eyes on Christ (Heb 12:2) and exert our efforts in reaching the lost and hurting, then many of the arguments that Christians get into simply disappear. 🙂

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