Do I really need this?

We’ve all seen those television shows or commercials where someone brings in their car to the mechanic to get fixed and ultimately, after the repair is done, there are a few miscellaneous parts leftover, that somehow never made it back under the hood. The mechanic miraculously fixed the vehicle but somehow didn’t need all the …

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Church in decline…?

What has happened to the church these days? Where is the true body of Christ? Where is the power of the church? Where are the standards that used to be in play? Is the church Jesus ordained when He said in Matthew 16:18 “And on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of …

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Apologetics vs. Holy Spirit Power

Are modern apologetics Biblical? Do they support the premise of the Gospel? Much of what I see today in modern apologetics focuses primarily on appealing to one's intellect-making rational arguments to debate/discuss various issues of the Bible's validity. Is this contrary to the Gospel message? Do they go hand-in-hand? Are they required to share our …

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